Issues caused by Pokemon Go Hacks

Pirating or finding shortcuts in deriving benefits from an application in the virtual world cannot be stopped altogether attributing to the vastness of countless applications created for the same gains. Even as Niantic, the original developer of Pokemon Go has been keen on deploying cheat detection modules to counter Pokemon Go hacks applications, the hackers have been way ahead with their tips and tricks on stepping up the game quickly. Niantic has been vocal about the problems their developers have been facing in building new features as most of their valuable time has been spent on checking and controlling the hacks into their server. Learn more from

How did the Pokemon Go Hacks happen?

In the ongoing battle between Niantic and the Pokemon Go hacks, there have been some interesting revelations on how the hack saw its fruition. A hidden data in the application, known as Unknown 6 (U6) that was required to have a legit value was returned null in a few API requests. Although anti-cheat protection was created in the application, it was not activated as the null value was accepted by the server. U6 was supposedly targeted by the hackers. Later, an unofficial application interface was generated to generate valid U6 codes that enabled receiving data from Niantic servers. The new API has now been integrated with all the third party bot applications.

How does Pokemon Go Hacks work?

If you are keen on jumping levels in the game, you must know how Pokemon go hacks operate. With latitude and longitude coordinates as a starting point, a bot application of the hack digs out previous map data and, creates a pathway with fake GPS coordinates. This increases the probability of finding Pokémon’s thereby increasing chances of stepping up the game. The bots also duplicate resources like poke balls and shops thereby, culling the thrill factor in the game. The hacks have been on a rise despite Niantic’s plans on cutting off server access to such applications.